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Is investing in gold really worth it? We consider the facts!

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Is Investing in

Gold IRA ROLLOVER Worth it?


Investing in gold is starting to get the reputation that it is the holy grail of financial improvement or even retirement planning. Let me start off by saying, it's not. Just like stocks and shares, investing in gold goes down as well as up. You can see that for yourself on the charts on this page. But what I do want to do is give you the facts about investing in it so you can make up your own mind as to whether it is a worthwhile investment or not.Dow Jones IA 14 year period of stock investing chart

It is well documented that over the lifetime of the stock market, all the precious metals, have been outperformed by stocks. Having said that, this did change recently in a dramatic way. Gold has outperformed the Dow Jones on a rather impressive scale, since the start of the new millennium in 2000.

You will see in the chart taken from Yahoo Money (chart also available here) that shows that when the market opened on 1st January 2000 it opened at 11,700 and when it opened again on the 1st January 2015 it opened at 17851.04. This means an investment in the stock market at the start of 2000, would have received a return 52.6% on Jan 1st 2015.

However, if you had been investing in gold, over the same time period, the result would be very different.

historic gold investment price chartThe chart to the side here, courtesy of Kitco.com, shows that gold was at the price of $283 an ounce at the start of the millennium and it opened at the start of 2015 at the price of $1206 an ounce. That is a return of 326% - a big difference from the 52% gained from the stock market over the same period.

So yes, people may tell you that historically stocks have outperformed gold, but as the evidence clearly shows, this has changed and the fact that it has happened consistently over a 15 year period, and not just a one off then this type of investment may be worth looking at, if you haven't already.


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People Are Diversifying Their IRA's

There are a number of various reasons why you should consider an IRA investment, none more than the diversification of your investment / retirement portfolio.

With the price of oil currently falling and at a rapid rate, and the stock markets starting the year with a decline, a lot of people are showing concern with regards to their investment portfolios especially those connected to their retirement plans and this is one reason why they are looking to invest in alternatives. The gold market is one of those alternatives and is a great way to increase financial protection by diversifying investments into something like a rollover. With more and more people looking to hold their assets in IRA's, diversification is becoming an important factor.

The chart to the side shows the increasing amount of assets put into IRA's since 2000.  Of that, up to 4 percent of it is in non-traditional forms, such as investing in gold.  Although a gold IRA operates in the same manner as a traditional one, the main difference, of course, is it holds physical bullion rather than paper assets. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when taking out a rollover. For one, the best way is to use it for diversification and not put all your retirement eggs in one basket. You want to ensure you use the best custodian you can get to set up your retirement account for you.

One of the main benefits of investing in gold IRA is that you don't need to take out another retirement account, you can choose to rollover some or all of your current IRA into the new version. Also, it doesn't matter if your IRA is traditional or Roth or if you have a 401(k), the ability to roll part or all of it is available to you. Whichever rollover specialist you talk to, they can advise you accordingly in relation to the best way to roll your existing plan into a gold funded plan.


Some Facts About Investing in Gold And it's Performance

ira performance graph

Value of Assets held in IRA's

  • 2000 - $2.63 Trillion
  • 2003 - $2.99 Trillion
  • 2006 - $4.23 Trillion
  • 2010 - $5.03 Trillion
  • 2013 - $6.97 Trillion

Source: EBRI Report December 2007 & EBRI Report  September 2015

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Performance History

Here is Another Reason To Invest in Gold

In a recent assets report, it was shown that gold outperformed inflation over the past 40 years by a considerable margin. Furthermore, Individual retirement accounts have been brought down by inflation especially for investors whose main focus was traditionally on the stock market, real estate and private equity. But buying a precious metal for the diversification of your portfolio, to increase your financial status and wealth, or to improve your IRA account, has proven to be worthwhile as outlined in the aforementioned report.

What Are Your Investment Options?

There are at least three options when considering this type of investment. Option 1 is you can invest in gold bullion or coins directly. Option 2 is you can invest through ETF's, mines etc (I wont be covering these options here) or option 3 you can invest via a gold IRA rollover, covered in some detail below.

Its 40-year change (+669% gross of costs) has beaten inflation, housing and cash (cumulative 535%).
It is the 2nd best performer since 1999 (+340%) after REITs with corporate bonds 3rd(160%).
Precious metal investment provides a hedge of protection against market volatility and inflation.
Also it does not labor under the same constraints as paper money, it can be weakened when there are shifts in power from one country to the next or events like Brexit occur.


house of representatives meeting in congress

In 1997, Congress passed the Taxpayer Relief Act which allowed investors to put away gold and other metals into a self-directed IRA. They were responding to investors who wanted to diversify their retirement portfolio from paper assets like cash, stocks, and bonds to add some tangible assets.


My #1 choice is Regal Assets

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Either way, it certainly is worth checking this investment type out further

For further information on precious metals investment, check out our full guide website