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Is Investing in Gold Worth it?

Dow Jones IA 14 year period of stock investing chart

I don't want to give you the impression that investing in gold is the holy grail of financial improvement or even retirement planning. Just like stocks and shares, the price of gold goes down as well as up, you can see that for yourself on the chart above. But what I do want to do is give you the facts as I have found them, with links to the information, so you can make up your own mind as to whether investing in gold, especially within a gold IRA, is a worthwhile investment or not.

It is well documented for the fact that it is true, that over the lifetime of the stock market, all the precious metals, including gold, have been outperformed by stocks. Having said that, this did change recently in a dramatic way. Precious metals have outperformed the Dow Jones on a rather impressive scale, since the start of the new millennium in 2000.

You will see in the chart taken from Yahoo Money (chart also available here) that shows there was a 63.16% change from the start of 2000 to the end of 2014. Or to put it another way, when the market opened on 1st January 2000 it opened at 11,700 and when it opened again on the 1st January 2015 it opened at 17851.04. What this means is if you had invested in the stock market at the start of 2000, by the 1st of January 2015 you would have received a return on your investment of 52.6%. I think you would agree that considering the low return we currently get from the banks, a return of 52% is very favorable.

However if you had been investing in gold, how did that perform over the same time period?

historic gold investment price chartThe chart to the side here, courtesy of Kitco.com, shows that gold was at the price of $283 an ounce at the start of the millennium and it opened at the start of 2015 at the price of $1206 an ounce. That is a return of 326% - a big difference from the 52% gained from the stock market over the same period.

So yes, people may tell you that historically stocks have outperformed gold, but as the evidence clearly shows, this has changed and the fact that it has happened over a 15 year period, and doesn't look like changing, then investing in gold may be worth looking at, if you haven't already.

So Why Invest in Gold?

From thousands of years ago, this metal has always been a big deal. I say it’s a big deal not only due to its worth but also because investing in gold has somehow always proved to be the best way to avoid inflation, in fact in a recent report assets report, it was shown that gold outperformed inflation over the past 40 years by a considerable margin. Furthermore, Individual retirement accounts have been brought down by inflation especially for investors whose main focus was traditionally on the stock market, real estate and private equity. But buying a precious metal for the diversification of your portfolio, to increase your financial status and wealth, or to improve your IRA account, will always prove to be worthwhile. Here’s why.investing in gold advice quotes

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Investing in Gold IRA Rollover

When considering investing in gold, one area that is currently getting a lot of attention is investing in a gold IRA rollover. There are numerous other ways to invest in gold and I do go through these on my designated gold investment page, but also what is being seen is that more and more people look to hold their assets in IRA's ($ 6.5 trillion in 2013), with up to 4 percent of it being in non-traditional forms, such as gold.  Although a gold IRA operates in the same manner as a traditional IRA, the main difference, of course, is it holds physical gold bullion rather than paper assets. there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when taking out a gold IRA rollover. For one, the best way is to use it for diversification and not put all your retirement eggs in one basket. You want to ensure you use the best custodian you can get to set up your gold retirement account for you, and that is why I have carried out extensive reviews of gold ira companies, for you so you can gain all the relevant information to help you when it comes to investing in gold.

The beauty of a gold ira rollover is that you don't need to take out another IRA, you can choose to rollover some or all of your current IRA into a gold IRA. Also, it doesn't matter if your IRA is traditional or Roth or if you have a 401(k), the ability to roll part or all of it is available to you. Whichever rollover specialist you talk to, they can advise you accordingly in relation to the best way to roll your existing plan into a gold funded plan.


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Who To Buy From If You Want To Just Buy Gold?

If you are not interested in having a gold IRA and just want to know who are the best companies to buy gold from,  I recommend two of the world's leading providers, one specifically for US investors and one if you are living outside the US, on my precious metal information page. I also give you extensive reasons as to why these two companies are the best companies for investing in gold with.


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