The owners of this website may be paid to recommend Regal Assets or other companies. The content on this website, including any positive reviews of Regal Assets and other reviews, may not be neutral or independent.

As I mention on the ‘about’ page, my background has been in owning and running a financial services company, as well as being a life coach who has helped individuals improve their financial status. Neither of these past positions qualify me to provide financial advice or to directly sell you financial services. The service I provide by way of this blog is simply one of information. In the coaching posts I offer, the information is purely there to help you make your own decisions or take the necessary action you personally may need to take. With regards to the services / companies I promote, they are also for information purposes. Any business that I recommend or inform you of on this site is a service that I have personally checked out through detailed review and background checks, and I merely recommend them to you. Any recommendation I make is not confirmation that I have personally used the service, as I may not have needed to use the service on offer, but you may, dependent on your personal situation. Therefore, I strongly suggest that before personally dealing with any business or service that I may recommend, you carry out your own checks and come to your own satisfaction before engaging with them.

What you need to know about the services I promote.

Some of the services I promote on this website, may chose to pay me for referring business to them. If you use their services, by way of my introduction, I could receive a ‘commission’ payment from them.

You will find that when I recommend any service or business, I will disclose my full and factual reasons for doing so. I will provide you with all the evidence I have found (including external links to said information) that discloses my findings and the reason for my decision to recommend them. If you are not happy with any recommendation I make, or you discover any evidence online that contradicts the information I provide in my reviews, then please contact me by way of the contact us page and I will be more than happy to review your findings and make the relevant adjustments where necessary.