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Should You Invest In Oil in 2018? What Are The Risks?

  Should You Invest in Oil? Information On How The Correct Crude Oil investment Can Increase Your Personal Wealth Should you invest in oil? What are the options for investing in crude oil wells? Not so long ago these questions were not asked, it was a given that oil investment was the thing to do! The […]

Another Warning Concerning Imminent Stock Market Crash

Another Warning Concerning Imminent Stock Market Crash In the last few days, we have seen yet another financial expert make the claim that a stock market crash is imminent and advising that investors would be prudent to diversify and create a safe haven in gold bullion which has already risen 3% this year so far and is currently at […]

When Gambling and Investing cross over

There are a lot of people who invest, who will tell you that investing is nothing like gambling, that gambling has everything to do with luck only and investing is all about reading the markets and making decisions off data, or it’s investing in an a fund that does guarantee a return over time, something […]

What’s Your Money Personality Type

Do you know your money personality type? When it comes to handling money, we all fit into one of three personality types, spender, saver or investor. Having said that, it is not as easy as saying you are a clear spender or certainly a saver because we can easily cross over from one group to […]

Stock Market Collapse & Gold Surge Imminent?

Is A Stock Market Collapse Really on The Cards? In a recent article, world-renowned finance expert, Egon Von Greyerz stated that a stock market collapse and a surge in gold investment is imminent, the question is what will be the trigger? The question I want to ask first is, is a stock market collapse really […]

Why does Russia want more gold?

Earlier this year, CNBC ran a sequence of articles where they raised a number of valid and important questions as to why Russia wants more gold. (source) The Central bank of Russia has announced plans to increase its reserve level from $300 billion to $500 billion. Now how Russia plans to do this is unclear, […]