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Colorado Gold Information

  • Address: 222 S 5th St, Montrose, CO 81401
  • Phone #: (888) 786-8822
  • BBB Rating: A+ with 0 complaints in last 3 years see BBB results
  • BCA Rating:Not Registered
  • Trustlink Rating: Zero rating due to no reviews see Trustlink results

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Credibility: Colorado Gold is a small family run business (see history section for more information) based naturally in Colorado. They cover all the main precious metal; gold, silver, platinum and palladium, on their website. The website its self is a little basic, but it has the information you need, such as item price, how to order  and technical charts. There is very little that can be said about Colorado Gold, mainly because there is very little information on the web about them. They are listed with the Better Business Bureau, which is good, and they have had no complaints registered with them in the last 3 years. They have a listing on Trustlink, but that has no reviews at all. I did find one site that offered reviews, going back to 2010. Colorado Gold received a total of 4.8 out of 5, which is a very good score, and all the reviews (11 in total) gave good positive feedback. You can check out the independent Colorado Gold Reviews here. Other than that, there is very little to say about the company. One good factor is there are no negative reviews for them.


Phone Number: (888) 786-8822

Minimum Investment amount: None

What The Web is Saying About Colorado Gold

Below we’ve looked at what various websites and past customers have to say about Colorado Gold

  • BBB Rating & Complaints: A+ with no complaints (Click For Details)
  • BCA: No Listing No reports 
  • Trustlink: No listing
  • Trustpilot: N/A
  • Yellow Pages: No listing
  • Yelp: No listing

Buy Back: They do offer a selling service where you can sell to them precious metals. Colorado Gold do charge a 1% fee for any product not originally bought through them.


  • BBB A+ rating
  • Family owned & the largest selection of precious metals to select from
  • Selling service for all precious metals

Colorado Gold History:

Colorado Gold was formed in 1977 by Don Stott, who started out as a precious metals broker. The company has remained family owned, run today by two of Don’s daughters, Melissa & Morgen, and their brother, David. Although the company is based in Colorado, the siblings work from their home offices. Melissa is based in New York, David is based in Wisconsin and Morgen is based in Colorado. Don retired in February of 2015.

Gold IRA Rollover

Colorado Gold is one of the oldest gold investment companies and do provide you with the facility for investing in a gold IRA rollover. They use 3rd party custodians and so you are responsible for choosing from the three they offer, and determining which one and their fees is best suited to you. This of course does take time as you will have to speak to each custodian to check out their pricing. Alternatively, you can consider using a gold ira company that will sort all that out for you and advise on the price upfront.


There is very little to be concerned about when it comes to Colorado Gold. They are, as I have mentioned a small family run business, which means you will more than likely get a quality service, but it also means that they will be restricted on what they can do in comparison to the larger firms. They are a good solid firm, with a good solid reputation and I don’t think you need to worry at all when it comes to dealing with them.

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Colorado Gold Review Summary & Score
  • BBB Rating
  • BCA Rating
  • TrusLink Rating
  • Other Ratings
  • History
  • IRA Facility
  • Fees


Colorado Gold are a good firm, with a reputation for quality service. Their lack of negative reviews is a very good positive. They only take payments via personal or cashier’s check or wire transfer, not via credit card, and so because you have to wait 7 working days for your check to clear, if you are in a hurry to purchase, you may want to deal with another company.