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CMI Review

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CMI Gold & Silver Information

  • Address: 3800 North Central Ave.11th Floor, Phoenix, Arizona 85012
  • Phone# : 800.528.1380
  • BBB Rating: A+ with 0 complaints in last 3  years see BBB results
  • BCA Rating: B with 0 complaints in last 3 years see BCA results
  • Trustlink Rating: zero see Trustlink results

Credibility: Just like USAGOLD, CMI Gold & Silver Inc was formed in 1973, making it one of the oldest precious metal companies in the USA. Not only are they one of the oldest, but CMI Gold & Silver has been owned by the same gentleman for all that time. CMI is owned by Mr Bill Haynes who has been President of CMI Gold and Silver (CMIGS) since he started the company. He started out in the finance industry as a stockbroker operating in Denver and trained on Wall Street. He also has a Bachelor of Science degree in finance, making him highly qualified.  The company has no negative reviews on BBB. On Google, they have a handful of very positive reviews (nine at the last count) giving CMI Gold and Silver a score of 4.6 out of 5, with each customer very happy with the service.  They do have a very long list of testimonials on their website from previous customers, all happy with the service and products provided.

Website: The company has two websites www.cmi-gold-silver.com & www.certifiedmint.com (The latter being a landing page linking through to the main site) – The main website for CMI Gold & Silver Inc is a nice clean and easy to navigate website. They offer a good mix of both gold and silver coins and bullion. The pricing on CMI’s website is extensive too, with them giving you the price per ounce of coin/bullion and quantity of order. They also provide extensive information on the product for sale.

Phone Number: 800-528-1380

Minimum Investment amount: Minimum orders from CMIGS vary depending on what you wish to buy. It currently stands at:

  • 3 oz of gold
  • 3 oz of platinum
  • 5 oz of palladium
  • 100 oz of silver

There are other minimum orders concerning the ordering of junk silver coins and gold bullion, but these are available on the CMIGS website.

What The Web is Saying About CMI Gold & Silver

Below we’ve looked at what various websites and past customers have to say about CMI Gold and Silver

Buy Back: CMI Gold & Silver have a buying service where you can sell to them your unwanted gold or silver. They will buy all types of gold coins regardless of where you may have purchased them from.


  • BBB A+ rating
  • Low minimum order value.
  • Family owned
  • Excellent buying service.

CMI History:

As mentioned CMI Gold and Silver was formed in 1973. The company set up business in Phoenix  Arizona due to the fact that Arizona is the country’s largest producer of copper and the fifth largest producer of silver. Furthermore, the state is home to some of the largest mining companies and CMIGS wanted to be in the heart of the precious metals business. When the nation was given the opportunity to personally own gold bullion in 1974, CMIGS was one of the first dealers in the US to recommend the purchase of gold.

Gold IRA Rollover

CMIGS do offer a gold IRA rollover service, but they are not the custodians. You can buy your precious metals for your IRA from CMI Gold and Silver but you have to set up your IRA with GoldStar Trust Company. There are other gold ira providers who offer a full custodian service and not through a 3rd party.

Concerns/Things To Consider

I have very little concerns with regards CMIGS. Their history is very good, their standing also. They are a family run business offering a wide range of products, backed by quality service. They do have a lack of reviews online, but that doesn’t make them a bad company. The fact that they have no negative reviews is good too.

CMI Review Summary & Score
  • 100%
    BBB Rating - 100%
  • 80%
    BCA Rating - 80%
  • 10%
    TrustLink Rating - 10%
  • 70%
    Other Ratings - 70%
  • 100%
    History - 100%
  • 80%
    IRA Facility - 80%
  • 70%
    Fees - 70%


CMIGS is certainly a quality company with an impressive history and standing. If you chose to do business with them, it is more than likely you would be very happy. Their lack of reviews on third-party websites is the only thing that lets them down, in my opinion.

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