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JJ Teaparty Information

  • Address: J.J. Teaparty Inc., Box 185, North Easton, MA 02256
  • Phone #: 800-343-6412
  • BBB Rating: Not BBB Registered see BBB results
  • BCA Rating: Not Registered
  • Trustlink: Not Registered

Credibility: JJ Teaparty has been listed with the BBB since 1992 but have yet to be accredited by them. Even so in that time they have never received a complaint about JJ Teaparty, which is very impressive. In fact, if you search the web you will find no complaints about JJ Teaparty and their service or any aspect of the business. JJ Teaparty has been in operation for a long time (see History below) so the fact that they have no complaints at all is very impressive. They have a few positive reviews. They have 3 positive reviews on Yelp, with the last one being in 2012. 

JJ Tea party’s website is very basic but I get the impression from what they say in the about us section, that they prefer to do the majority of their business by phone. They do sell over 50 different types of coins, with each one having a range with it, so there is a very good selection on offer from them.

When you review the employment history of the staff at JJ Teaparty, it is clear that they all have extensive experience, knowledge and expertise in the numismatic industry, with a couple of them trading in coins since the 1960’s. there is no doubt that they are all experts in the field of numismatics and know what they are talking about.

Website: www.jjteaparty.com

Phone Number: 1-800-343-6412

Minimum Investment amount: None

What The Web is Saying About JJ Tea Party

Below we’ve looked at what various websites and past customers have to say about JJ Tea Party

  • BBB Rating & Complaints: A+ (although business is not accredited with BBB) and no complaints (Click For Details)
  • BCA: Not listed
  • CitySearch: Not Rated (Click For Details)
  • Google+: No Listing
  • RipOff Report: No reports
  • Trustlink: No listing
  • Trustpilot: N/A
  • Yellow Pages: No rating (Click For Details)
  • Yelp: 4 stars based on 5 reviews (Click For Details)

Buy Back: They do offer a selling service, and claim that no coin collection is too extensive for them to purchase


  • BBB A+ rating
  • Extensive History.
  • Strong knowledge and expertise base.

JJ Teaparty History:

JJ Teaparty was formed in 1957, making them the oldest coin company in Boston MA. The company was started by Mr Edwin Leventhal who is now retired. JJ Teaparty is now run by its current owner and President Mr Scott D Sparks. Mr Sparks comes with an array of expertise in the coin industry, as he is a Morgan dollar specialist as well as being a life member of the American Numismatic Association.

Gold IRA Rollover

There is no mention of gold IRA on the JJ Teaparty website and so it can only be assumed that this is not a service they offer, they are simply buyers and sellers of gold coins, therefore if you are looking to invest gold in your IRA, there are better options.


I have no concerns about JJ Teaparty.

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