Mint Exchange Opens Trading for FX Brokers and Institutions

Mint Exchange Opens Trading for FX Brokers and Institutions

As cryptocurrency is steadily taking over the online forex trading industry, more and more specifically tailored solutions are being developed. The latest example is an institutional-grade venue built on the widely used Integral FX platform, Mint Exchange.

Mint Exchange officially launched publicly today, Nov. 14, as a cryptocurrency clearinghouse providing access to major exchanges, brokers and market makers through a single gateway. It is meant to offer better liquidity for institutions to trade across cryptocurrency markets, while keeping their capital in the secure environment they are used to. The exchange maintains development, support, and sales offices in Palo Alto, California, London, and New York.

The company behind the new clearinghouse says that many of the top global FX brokers are already trading cryptocurrencies on Mint Exchange. “We’re addressing an enormous unmet need in the growing cryptocurrency market,” comments Harpal Sandhu, Chairman of Mint Exchange and CEO of Integral. “FX brokers, asset managers, and institutions have largely remained on the sidelines of the cryptocurrency market waiting for a trusted partner to deliver a robust, professional-grade exchange. They expect to manage their crypto trading in one secure location. That’s what Mint Exchange offers.”

Exchange Built on the Integral FX Platform

Founded in 1993, Integral is a cloud-based workflow management and trading technology provider for banks, brokers, and asset managers operating in the foreign exchange market. Its services are reportedly used by more than 200 financial institutions, including Bank of America, Citi, UBS, Wells Fargo and more. “Integral processes over $40 billion/day in fiat currency trading, so we’re confident that it can handle our cryptocurrency volumes,” Masato Kikuchi, Managing Director of Mint Exchange, explained why they licensed the platform.

“As more institutional players enter the crypto-asset market, liquidity providers need sophisticated technology and risk management tools to service their needs. Mint Exchange was the first to deliver a complete solution that also includes robust security and custody,” commented Todd Morakis, Co-Founder of JST Systems in Singapore, one of the launch partners of the new venue.

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