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  • Address: 3977 Crater Lake Hwy Medford, OR 97504
  • Phone #: (541) 414-1676
  • BBB Rating:Not accredited but does have 1 complaint in the last 3 years see BBB results
  • BCA Rating: Not Registered
  • Trustlink Rating: Not Registered

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Credibility: Monarch Precious Metals have been in operation since 2008 (more on that in the History section), so they have over 6 years of trading history. Monarch Precious Metals are not registered with the BBB, nor are they registered with the Business Consumer Alliance or TrustLink. This does not make Monarch Precious Metals a bad company, but does make it a little difficult to give you information on their background, that’s all. I did find some feedback about Monarch Precious Metals on a forum, which is generally favorable. There are a few comments about the high shipping costs and the fact that Monarch precious Metals do not take payment by way of a personal check.

Monarch Precious Metals generally sell silver and gold coins and bullion. Having said that, they only offer two gold coins on their website. The first is  a 1 gram .999 Fine gold round. The coin is completely hand made by Monarch with the front of the round reading “Monarch Precious Metals” with the signature MPM crown logo. Their other gold round is 1/10 troy ounce round, also handmade and with the two Monarch Precious Metals stamps. As highly made as these gold coins are by Monarch, they do not qualify for a gold IRA.

They do have an extensive silver selection, offering both the 1oz Silver Eagle and Silver Maple coin. You will need to check out their website for heir full range of silver coins and bullion.


Phone Number: (541) 414-1676

Minimum Investment amount: None

What The Web is Saying About Monarch Precious Metals

Below we’ve looked at what various websites and past customers have to say about Monarch Precious Metals

  • BBB Rating & Complaints: A rating (although business is not BBB accredited) and 1 complaint in last 3 years (Click For Details)
  • BCA: Not accredited
  • CitySearch: Not listed
  • Google+: No reviews
  • RipOff Report: No listing
  • Trustlink: No listing
  • Trustpilot: N/A
  • Yellow Pages: No listing
  • Yelp: no listing

Buy Back: They do offer a selling service, but Monarch Precious Metals buy back at 99% of the spot price. Although this 1% difference doesn’t mean much on the selling of a few coins, if you are selling large quantities, you will soon notice the difference.


  • All of their bars and rounds are hand poured
  • Family owned.

Monarch Precious Metals History:

Monarch Precious Metals have been in operation since 2008. The company is owned by Daniel Anthony. According to the BBB, there are three other members of the Anthony family in the management team. This is really all that is known about Monarch Precious Metals, other than I also found some information stating that Mr. Anthony also owns a second company called Oregon Coin. I couldn’t find a website or any other information so the company may not still be in operation.

Gold IRA Rollover

Monarch Precious do not offer anything by way of a Gold IRA, therefore they are not one of the best gold ira companies. Neither do they offer the service via third party custodians. Furthermore, as I mentioned under their credibility, they only offer 2 gold coins and they don’t qualify for entry into a gold IRA. They do have silver coins that qualify. So they don’t qualify  as a gold ira company, but as a precious metals provider only.


I don’t have any concerns about Monarch Precious Metals as a company. The only thing I would say is please  see the list of precious metals allowed in a gold IRA, here as the gold coins they manufacture, are not compatible, if you are buying specifically for a gold IRA.

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