Platinum Update: Faces Life or Death Showdown

Platinum Update: Faces Life or Death Showdown

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The Platinum/US Dollar (XPT/USD) pair has been in a decade-long downtrend. In July 2008, the pair broke out of a double top pattern on the weekly chart after taking out support of $1,850. There were numerous attempts to reverse the trend and break out of the slump. However, every single effort was denied as bears held $1,850 resistance. As a result, XPT/USD is now trading around $800.

While bears seem to have the upper hand, there’s a case for a bullish reversal. In this article, we explore the bearish and bullish scenarios for the XPT/USD pair.

The Bearish Case for Platinum

In technical analysis, the prevailing trend remains until there’s a clear sign of trend reversal. As mentioned, XPT/USD is still in a downtrend. The downtrend was recently confirmed by a breakout from sideways consolidation on the daily chart in June 2018.

The breakout quickly brought XPT/USD down to $800 support. While bulls are managing to hold on, it appears that their mettle will be tested soon.

Large Descending Triangle on the Monthly

The descending triangle is often a continuation pattern with a bearish bias. The lower highs of this pattern put enormous pressure on the support that it eventually snaps. We see this pattern emerging on the monthly chart of Platinum/US Dollar.

The pattern is enormous. It is large enough to keep many retail investors on the sidelines. From the looks of it, XPT/USD appears to have just completed the E-wave or the final dead cat bounce. With a new lower high in place, bulls are in for the fight of their life at $800.

The Bullish Case for Platinum

The good news for the bulls is that not all descending triangles are bearish. Sometimes, bulls use the price compression at the apex to take out the resistance.

The key issue to understand is that the pattern must be triggered first. If bears take out $800, then the market sinks deeper. If bulls breach the resistance, then that might just be enough to kickstart a bull run.

Double Bottom on the Monthly

If bulls win this battle, then many investors will look at the possibility of a double bottom reversal pattern on the monthly chart.

The preservation of $800 support amidst the threat of a huge descending triangle paints a bullish picture. It should send a reverberating message that $800 is bull territory. This would attract all types of investors and may generate sufficient momentum to push the market back up to previous highs and create a double bottom reversal pattern.

Bottom Line

Bulls and bears are bound to have a showdown at the $800 support level. Whoever wins this fight gets to control the market in the coming months or even years. Bears have the upper hand but it looks like bulls have what it takes to pull out one big surprise.

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